Roadmap for Future Development

Here are the past and anticipated plans for SetPebble, enabled watchfaces, and other app ideas:

Camoodle website

2013 Updates
  • Created to provide solution for storing settings
  • Support for radio buttons, flip switches, popups, and text entry
  • Mobilized main site and created mobile-only site:
  • Developed a dozen customizable apps for Pebble
2014 Changes
  • Created SDK 2.0 solution for Pebble app custom settings
  • Adopted "Freemium" model for complex apps.
  • Embracing persistent Pebble memory for better user experience.
2015 Changes
  • Try implementing WebSockets for realtime games.
  • Support color for Pebble Time watches.
  • Pebble Time Round support.
2016 Changes
  • Combine mapping & tracking
  • Try developing SmartStrap apps.

Fair Tides

Pebble Apps

2013 Releases
2014 Releases
2015 Releases
2016 Releases
2017 Releases

Compass Watch

Do you have an idea for a cool watchface or Pebble app?  Share it!