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Interval TrainerInterval Trainer
The Interval Trainer tracks elapsed time and interval times. You can set up two intervals, which are repeated as time elapses. A vibration alerts you when an interval changes, and the numbers are BIG for easy reading while exercising.

The interval minutes and seconds are customizable, as are the vibration alerts, screen background. There is also an option for inverting the background only for odd intervals, so it is easy to see if you should be resting or walking.

The bottom button starts and stops the timer. The top button resets the timer (hold longer to reset while the timer is running). The middle button is used to activate the settings menu.

Interval Trainer 

Latest Version: 3.6

Version History:

2.0.0 Created January 20, 2014
2.0.1 Timer fix for SDK 2.0 beta7
3.0 Color support
3.1 Fix for B&W Pebbles
3.2 New vibration option
3.3 Pebble Time Round; better persistence
3.4 firmware 3.8.2 support
3.5 Pebble 2 support
3.6 Firmware 4.0 icons