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ID StopwatchID Stopwatch
The ID Stopwatch app is similar to Big Stopwatch with the added feature of also being an identification alert.

You can enter your name and an emergency message in the custom settings screen. If your stopwatch is running and no activity is registered for several minutes, your Pebble displays the emergency information with flashing and vibration alerts.

Use the BACK button to clear the alert, and you can test to see your emergency information by holding down the middle-right SELECT button for several seconds.

This app suggested by Greg East, a runner who has survived a few close scrapes. Be safe!

ID Stopwatch 

Latest Version: 1.4

Version History:

1.0 Created August 31, 2014
1.1 Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round support
1.2 Pebble 2 support
1.3 Firmware 4.0 icons
1.4 Persistent storage fix