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HR VitalsHR Vitals
This watchface shows your vital fitness and weather information in big easy-to-read text. It is the companion watchface for HR Stopwatch.

Displays heartrate, steps, and weather on main screen. Tap to show fitness information of distance, calories, active and sleep times. Tap again for humidity, air pressure, wind, and cloud coverage. Tap again for a weather description and last update time.

Want more? Create timeline pins for forecast information. Daily pins will be created for the next three days.

There are a dozen custom settings for units, screen inversion, battery display, etc.

Heartrate display requires a heartrate monitor device, such as the Pebble 2 or the TYLT VÜ Pulse smartstrap.

HR Vitals 

Latest Version: 2.2

Version History:

1.0 released September 22, 2016
1.1 double-tap fixed
1.2 quick look background color
1.3 updated icon for scattered showers
1.4 timeline timezone support
1.5 timezone fix
1.6 improved settings caching
1.7 calories is now resting and active calories
1.8 fixed distance calculation
1.9 OWM description with with extended characters
2.0 air pressure icon fix
2.1 new time invert setting
2.2 quiet time support; new disconnect vibration setting