What's a Pebble?
A Pebble is a smart watch that connects to your smart phone. You can receive messages, alerts, and notifications directly to your watch. Visit Pebble.com for more information.
What is SETPEBBLE.COM for?
The Pebble watch only allows a limited number of apps to be installed at one time, and these settings are lost when apps are switched out. SetPebble.com stores these settings in the cloud, and provides you with a web-based interface for changing settings.
What do I need watch settings for?
Some folks prefer black-on-white displays, and other prefer white-on-black. Weather watch apps should be selectable between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Big Stopwatch
So how does it work?
When your watchface or app is launched, a request is made to SETPEBBLE.COM to retrieve the custom settings for your watch. Your watchface or app then refers to these settings and the display is customized for you.
Do I need to create an account?
No. Accounts are only necessary if you want to link your settings among multiple Pebble watches or want to enable premium features.
What are premium features?
Our weather apps refresh conditions every hour, but subscribers can set the refresh time to as little as ten minutes. Other apps have different premium features, such as realtime map tracking, planetary orbits, or historical fitness information.
I'm a developer - can I enable my apps to work with SETPEBBLE?
Sure! Sign up using the link at the top of the page. You will find example code and instructions for enabling your apps for customized settings.
Do I have to be a subscriber?
Nope. Enjoy the freemium features of these apps. If you like them, become a subscriber or just donate. Thanks!