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Farwatch is an odometer and speedometer.

The smart phone GPS tracks distance and speed. The watch displays current time, elapsed time, elapsed distance, and average speed. Tap or flick your watchface to switch between average speed and current speed.

Customizable settings include units, screen display, battery indicator, connection indicator, tap control, and vibration alert upon disconnect.

It helps to launch this watch 20-30 seconds before you start your trip. This gives your GPS time to get an accurate starting location.


Latest Version: 1.5

Version History:

0.0 conceived November 29, 2013
1.0 first release November 5, 2015
1.1 firmware 3.8.2 support
1.2 added max speed feature
1.3 recompiled for latest firmware
1.4 Pebble 2 support
1.5 Patch for new Pebble Time Android