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This is a full weather station at your fingertips (or at least your wrist). The GPS from your smart phone finds the closest monitoring station and displays weather information.

Information includes sunrise, sunset, moon phase, air pressure, humidity, cloud coverage, wind speed & direction, temperature, and a short text summary and icon of the current conditions. Shake your wrist to switch to the five-day forecast (like the Fair Forecast Pebble app).

Oh, yeah, and this app also tells time.

Select from several different weather services, including OpenWeatherMap.org, Yahoo Weather, NOAA, Forecast.io, Weather Underground, and Weather Underground PWS (personal weather stations). Customizable settings include the temperature scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius), air pressure and wind speed units, seconds or minutes updates, and screen background.

Now with Timeline pins: daily weather forecasts are pushed to your Pebble. The forecasts are from the chosen weather service, and are listed at the sunrise or sunset times.

Fair Weather 

Latest Version: 7.5

Version History:

2.0.0 Updated for Pebble SDK 2.0
2.0.1 Timer fix for SDK 2.0 beta7
2.0.2 mmHg, Beaufort fixes
2.0.3 display of update time fix
2.0.4 honor system setting for disabling backlight
2.0.5 recompiled for firmware 2.1
2.1 recompiled for firmware 2.6; reduced memory footprint
3.0 revamped with new services
3.1 Weather Underground fix
3.2 had to modify refresh rates
3.3 NOAA air pressure conversion fix
4.0 color and timeline support
4.1 fixed invert bug; new date format
4.2 fixed forecast-only bug
4.3 Dutch weather descriptions; NOAA icon upgrade
4.4 PWS now has forecast information
4.5 Celsius with decimal point option
4.6 Removed debugging code (oops!)
4.7 Updated for OpenWeatherApp API change
4.8 Pebble Time Round support
4.9 new NOAA icons
5.0 firmware 3.8.2 support
5.1 moon display fix
5.2 Yahoo sunset fix
5.3 Yahoo Weather fix
5.4 Patch for Yahoo sunrise/sunset glitch
5.5 Russian language support
5.6 Weather Underground PWS with precipitation
5.7 Polish language support; battery usage optimized
5.8 Polish name fix
5.9 Patched manual location entry
6.0 Another fix for manual locations
6.1 Patched for javascript error
6.2 Persistent memory change
6.3 Recompiled for Firmware 3.14
6.4 Quick look and Pebble 2 support
6.5 Fixed battery location on round
6.6 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
6.7 Timeline fix for Pebble OG
6.8 Ibid.
6.9 Sped up initial launch
7.0 Forecast.io is now Dark Sky
7.1 Scattered clouds icon revised
7.2 Last update time fix
7.3 timeline timezone support
7.4 timezone fix
7.5 Firmware 4.0 icons