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Fair TidesFair Tides
The next high and low tides of the closest NOAA monitoring station are displayed (USA and Canada only). Current weather conditions for temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, and clouds are displayed.

The temperature scale, wind scale, background, and other items are customizable. Flick or tap to change the status between last time updated, tide station name, current weather description, and sunrise/sunset.

The tide station can be manually entered, and the weather source selectable from OpenWeatherMap, Yahoo Weather, NOAA, and (for premium subscribers) Forecast.io.

For Pebble Time, Fair Tides now supports color and timeline pins with low and high tides.

Fair Tides 

Latest Version: 4.9

Version History:

2.0 New weather services; manual location
2.1 Added data persistence
2.2 Color and timeline support
2.3 Recompiled for SDK3(b10)
2.4 Phone-based timeline pin generation
2.5 Fixed inverted screen issue
2.6 Manual latitude-longitude fix
2.7 App icon changed
2.8 Canadian tides support
2.9 Support for meters in timeline
3.0 Updated for OpenWeatherMap API change
3.1 Pebble Time Round support; new timeline icon
3.2 am/pm fixes
3.3 Forecast.io wind direction fix
3.4 new NOAA icons
3.5 recompiled for firmware 3.7
3.6 removed bad station removal
3.7 firmware 3.8.2 support
3.8 fix for NOAA inHg/hPa conversion
3.9 Yahoo sunset fix
4.0 Yahoo Weather fix
4.1 Patch for Yahoo sunrise/sunset glitch
4.2 Quick look, Pebble 2 support
4.3 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
4.4 Manual location fix
4.5 Forecast.io now Dark Sky
4.6 Last update time fix
4.7 Timezones support
4.8 Firmware 4.0 icons
4.9 Phone-based pins with manual location fix