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The SetPebble Settings app is for controlling your custom settings all from your Pebble watchface.

To use this utility app, enter the same serial number that you use to store your custom settings for SetPebble-enabled apps. You will next see a list of all your SetPebble apps that are linked to your serial number. Select and app and then select the setting to change.

SetPebble apps include Fair Weather, Big Weather, Maptastic, Earth, Pocket Glider, Blue Marble, Cool Weather, Night Sky, Camoodle, Medical ID, Radar, and many more. Visit SetPebble.com for the full list.

If you don't have SetPebble apps, then this utility app is not for you. However SetPebble users will enjoy the convenience of changing their watchface and app settings without pulling out their smart phone!

SP Settings 

Latest Version: 1.7

Version History:

1.0 Created July 1, 2015
1.1 Design tweak
1.2 Pebble Time Round support
1.3 firmware 3.8.2 support
1.4 Pebble 2 support
1.5 Fixed problem with default values
1.6 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
1.7 Firmware 4.0 icons