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Pocket GliderPocket Glider
Fly a paper glider through a house, using heating sources to keep you aloft. Try to collect all objects without bumping into shelves, tables, or landing on the floor.

Navigate by either the top and bottom buttons, or tilting your Pebble from side to side. The middle button activates the settings menu, where you can restart the game, reset the best score, or change custom settings.

Pocket Glider 

Latest Version: 1.6

Version History:

0.0 Created January 5, 2015
0.1 Revised navigation
0.2 Three more rooms
0.3 Two more rooms
0.4 16 rooms; 20 targets; pre-release candidate
0.5 single-click navigation
0.6 fans and new room
0.7 fixed some image artifacts
1.0 instructions added; production release
1.1 color support
1.2 new logo
1.3 Pebble Time Round support
1.4 Glance and Pebble 2 support
1.5 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
1.6 Firmware 4.0 icons