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Cool WeatherCool Weather
Cool Weather displays a more realistic view of the weather instead of a small weather icon.

Flick your wrist to animate the screen. Shaking the Pebble will show a weather description and the last time updated.

Customizations include the weather service (OpenWeatherMap, Yahoo, NOAA,, seven languages, fixed or GPS location, temperature scale, battery, vibration, animation, and more.

There are some difference between the weather services. does not specify the city; NOAA weather updates are USA-only and hourly; only OpenWeatherMap supports weather descriptions in all languages. Sorry to make for subscribers-only, but it is a commercial service.

Cool Weather 

Latest Version: 4.8

Version History:

1.0.0 Created June 1, 2014
1.0.1 NOAA and language support
1.0.2 support
1.0.3 Mist, menu icon, animation artifacts
1.0.4 Fixed animation setting
1.0.5 High-accuracy GPS
1.0.6 Sun/moon fix; recompiled for SDK 2.3
1.0.7 Fixed German spellings
1.1.0 Sunrise and sunset animation
1.1.1 Fix for nighttime icons for OWM
1.1.2 Rain icon and manual location fixes
1.2 Firmware 2.5 support; Weather Underground pending
1.3 New vibration option
1.4 Fixed month names for French and German
2.0 Color support
2.1 Updated for revised NOAA format
2.2 Updated for OpenWeatherMap API change
2.3 Pebble Time Round support
2.4 Rebuilt for SDK 3.6.2
2.5 Catalan date support
2.6 removed debugging statements
2.7 fixed connection invert icon
2.8 Yahoo sunset fix
2.9 Yahoo Weather fix
3.0 units bug fix for Yahoo
3.1 tweaked cloudy day animation for WUnderground
3.2 Patch for Yahoo sunrise/sunset glitch
3.3 Another Yahoo patch
3.4 Added Russian support
3.5 Quick look and Pebble 2 support
3.6 fixed javascript error
3.7 patched language problem
3.8 location fix
3.9 city name restored
4.0 patch for new Pebble Time Android
4.1 is now Dark Sky
4.2 Revised night scattered clouds display
4.3 Last update time fix
4.4 Firmware 4.0 icons
4.5 Fixed bug with manual location
4.6 Quiet mode support; battery percentage
4.7 Inverted battery percentage
4.8 Improved battery percentage numbers