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Realtime tracking of Pebble watches. The closest dozen Pebbles are displayed with approximate distance. Now with compass and droppable marker support!

Use the buttons to zoom in and out, and shake to refresh. Custom settings include GPS accuracy, your symbol, distance units, battery, connection, vibration alerts, markers, compass, and more.


Latest Version: 2.9

Version History:

1.0.0 Created February 23, 2014
1.0.1 Fixed memory leaks
1.0.2 Fixed refresh/cursor settings bug
1.1.0 Added channel support
1.1.1 Recompiled for SDK and firmware 2.4
1.1.2 Optimized to reduce memory footprint
1.1.3 Revised channel logic
2.0 Added compass support
2.1 Cardinal points added
2.2 Memory optimization for PebbleBits support
2.3 Color support; more blips
2.4 Reduced blips for Pebble to fix memory problem
2.5 Pebble Time Round support; updated design
2.6 firmware 3.8.2 support
2.7 diorite support
2.8 patch for new Pebble Time Android
2.9 Firmware 4.0 icons