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View a mercator projection of the earth tracking the progress of the sun and moon. There are three earth displays: Living Earth, NASA Blue Marble, and Visible Earth.

The International Space Station can also be tracked, and for world travelers you can view your location on our planet. There are four possible icons: sun, moon, your location (red push-pin), and the ISS (red icon).

There are custom options for date format, screen background, turning on and off the icons, switching between earth images, refresh rate, and more.

Note that ISS tracking is updated twice a minute, which uses phone data and Pebble battery. The most battery-efficient settings are to not track ISS and turn off your GPS location, which means the time updates every minute and the globe recalculates the sunlight areas depending on the refresh setting which has a one-hour default.


Latest Version: 2.4

Version History:

1.0 Created June 22, 2015
1.1 Fixed moon location
1.2 Another moon fix
1.3 Refresh bug squashed
1.4 Pebble Time Round support
1.5 Byte order fix
1.6 Firmware 3.8.2 support
1.7 Added support for seconds
1.8 Removed debugging code
1.9 Tweaked sun/shade algorithm
2.0 Firmware 3.12 support
2.1 Fixed problem with sunrise/sunset
2.2 Quick look and Pebble 2 support
2.3 Sped up initial launch
2.4 Patch for new Pebble Time Android