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Medical IDMedical ID
The Medical ID app displays your emergency information. Your custom text and an alert image periodically flash, bringing attention to the watch.

This app employs a special wakeup feature and can be used with any Pebble watchface to periodically display your health info.

Custom settings include choosing the display format, time intervals, alert image, vibration alerts, flashing, and more.

Medical ID 

Latest Version: 2.4

Version History:

0.1 Created October 16, 2014
0.2 Enabled once/always feature
0.3 Improved launch sequence
0.4 Restructured menu
1.0 New images; vibration feature
2.0 Pebble Time support
2.1 Pebble Time Round support
2.2 removed debugging code (oops!)
2.3 Pebble 2 support
2.4 Firmware 4.0 icons