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Maze CrazeMaze Craze
Find the flag in the maze, and see other players in the maze also.

Use the up and down buttons to turn, and the middle button to move forward. A long press of the middle button will open an options menu. There is an option for tilt navigation control.

Discover helpers in the maze to show the map, compass heading, flag proximity, and flag direction.

Network play limited to iOS and Android 4.4+. More levels available to subscribers.

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Maze Craze 

Latest Version: 2.6

Version History:

0.0 Created December 10, 2014
1.0 Initial release 12/25/2014
1.1 Socket error reconnection
1.2 Updated navigation and play behavior
1.3 New proximity helper
1.4 Two new avatars
1.5 Optimized JavaScript
1.6 Fixed problem with connected users
1.7 Bot Buddy avatar
2.0 Color support
2.1 Pebble Time Round support
2.2 Upgraded for firmware 3.8.2
2.3 Pebble 2 support
2.4 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
2.5 Fixed settings issue
2.6 Firmware 4.0 icons