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Imagine a map displayed on your wrist. Pans, zooms, and tracks your location.

Customizable features include the mapping service, date, screen, vibration, connectivity, map labels, distance units, and more.

Top button: backlight; bottom button: pans map based on watch tilt; flick/tap: distance; shake watch: refresh map. Tracking enabled until map is manually panned.

New: long up button press for your current location address.

Mapping tiles Copyright and courtesy of OpenStreetMap, OpenStreetMap contributors, Google Maps, ESRI ArcGIS, Stamen, Bing, and NOAA. Stamen data by Stamen Design (; OpenStreetMap ( mapping tiles under Creative Commons licenses.

See the instructional video for a demonstration of the Maptastic features.


Latest Version: 4.4

Version History:

1.0.0 Created January 26, 2014
1.0.1 Patched to work with Android
1.1.0 Labels and distance feature; Stamen Toner tiles
1.2 Fix for updated Stamen mapping tiles
1.3 Another Stamen tile change
2.0 Added compass support
2.1 New vibration option
3.0 Color support; selectable mapping services
3.1 Stamen Toner added for Pebble Time
3.2 Improved settings menu
3.3 Optimized realtime tracking
3.4 Persistent compass setting
3.5 Long up press for your location
3.6 Pebble Time Round support
3.7 Updated for latest firmwware, incl. Pebble OG
3.8 Disabled map tile caching
3.9 Added Bing maps, NOAA nautical charts
4.0 Unified b&w and color maps
4.1 Pebble 2 support
4.2 Bing aerial fix
4.3 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
4.4 Removed compass support on Pebble 2