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Camoodle HDCamoodle HD
Smile! Capture an image on your smart phone and send it to your Pebble. Flick your wrist or chose your refresh rate to switch between images. Customizable for date, refresh rate, battery, connection, vibration, etc.

This is the high-definition (HD) version, which turns some pixels on and off rapidly to gain the appearance of a gray pixel. The displayed image will look terrific, but the battery will drain faster.

Camoodle HD does not work in Pebble Android.

Camoodle HD 

Latest Version: 2.6

Version History:

1.0.0 Created February 8, 2014
1.0.1 Fixed problem with image limit
1.1 Persistent memory storage feature
2.0 Color support!
2.1 Fix for text overlap
2.2 Date/screen setting fix
2.3 Interim "Loading" message
2.4 Saturation feature added
2.5 Fixed photo limit issue
2.6 Removed splash screen