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Smile! Capture an image on your smart phone and send it to your Pebble. Flick your wrist or chose your refresh rate to switch between images. Customizable for date, refresh rate, battery, connection, vibration, etc.

For Pebble Android, only the URL entry method for adding an image is supported.


Latest Version: 3.0

Version History:

1.0.0 Created January 15, 2014
1.0.1 Fixed problem with image limit
1.0.2 Minor fixes for backlight and startup
1.1 Persistent memory storage feature
2.0 Color support
2.1 Animation delay
2.2 Removed Bluetooth setting
2.3 Fixed color refresh bug
2.4 Date feature added
2.5 Saturation feature added
2.6 Photo limit fixes
2.7 Removed splash screen
2.8 Firmware 4.0 icon
2.9 Fixed bug with blank images
3.0 Fixed charging icon