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Big WeatherBig Weather
This watch shows the basics (time, temperature, weather icon) on the first screen, and other weather information when you flick your wrist or tap your Pebble watch.

The screens display:
- temperature and weather icon
- air pressure, humidity, and cloud coverage
- moon phase, wind speed, and wind direction
- sunrise and sunset
- your location, weather description, and last update time

Temperature and wind units are customizable, and SetPebble subscribers can choose from different commercial weather services and even home PWS devices.

Big Weather 

Latest Version: 5.7

Version History:

1.0.0 Created January 2, 2014
1.0.1 Revised to fix Beta5/6 issue with sunrise display
1.0.2 Timer fix for SDK 2.0 Beta7
1.0.3 mmHg fix
1.0.4 wind arrow patch for firmware bug
1.1.0 new five-page version with fixed time
1.2 Yahoo,NOAA, support added
1.3 Weather Underground support
1.4 fix for Yahoo Weather icons
1.5 reduced memory footprint for PebbleBits support
1.6 new vibrate option
1.7 air pressure rising/descending
1.8 asset fix
1.9 new vibration option
1.10 Weather Underground fix
2.0 AerisWeather, PWS, color support added
2.1 date format bug fix
2.2 new date format
2.3 another date format (6 total)
2.4 high-accuracy GPS fix
2.5 inverted screen fix
2.6 fixed issue with data
2.7 German day translation fix
2.8 Fix for hiding connection icon
2.9 Inverted screen bug fix
3.0 New major version for SDK 3.3
3.2 Celsius with decimal point
3.3 Updated for new NOAA station format
3.4 OpenWeatherMap fix
3.5 Pebble Time Round support
3.6 negative number fix
3.7 firmware 3.8.2 support
3.8 negative temperature fix
3.9 degree symbol restored
4.0 Yahoo sunset fix
4.1 recompiled for firmware 3.9.2
4.2 Yahoo service restored
4.3 bug in Weather Underground code
4.4 Patch for Yahoo sunrise/sunset glitch
4.5 Minor icon updates
4.6 Optimized battery usage
4.7 Quick look and Pebble 2 support
4.8 Sped up launch operation
4.9 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
5.0 is now Dark Sky
5.1 Trying new update algorithm
5.2 Last update time fix
5.3 Firmware 4.0 icon
5.4 ThingSpeak and Quiet time support
5.5 ThingSpeak humidity added
5.6 Battery percentage option
5.7 Charging icon on battery percentage