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Bigger WatchBigger Watch
Another try at a big number watch, this time with numbers loosely based on a stencil font. Only updates once a minute to maximize battery life.

Custom settings include screen colors, date format, Bluetooth connectivity, battery usage, and vibrations.

Bigger Watch 

Latest Version: 3.5

Version History:

2.0.0 updated for Pebble SDK 2.0
2.0.1 timer fix for SDK 2.0 beta7
2.0.2 Android custom settings support
2.0.3 backlight on tap bug fixed
3.0 persistent memory storage support
3.1 new vibration option
3.2 updated for Pebble Time & Round
3.3 quick look and Pebble 2 support
3.4 patch for new Pebble Time Android
3.5 Firmware 4.0 icon