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Blue MarbleBlue Marble
Displays the current view of the Earth, showing night shadows, cloud coverage, temperatures, and more.

Customizable by viewpoint, altitude, tap animations, date formats, vibration, battery, bluetooth.

Data courtesy John Walker (

Blue Marble 

Latest Version: 3.2

Version History:

1.0 Created May 16, 2015
1.1 New options for displaying, tapping, shaking
1.2 New zoom setting
1.4 Updated app icon
1.5 Hide time also
1.7 Pebble Round support
1.8 Updated for firmware 3.6
1.9 Fixed 24-hour bug
2.0 Removed ellipsis
2.1 Recentered zoom; optimized for Pebble Round
2.2 Firmware 3.8.X support
2.3 Updated watchfaces menu icons
2.4 Localization support
2.5 Quick look and Pebble 2 support
2.6 Fixed bug in Pebble OG version
2.7 Error message fix
2.8 Sped up initial load
2.9 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
3.0 Firmware 4.0 icons
3.1 Pebble Time 2 support
3.2 Fixed bug in manual location