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Big WatchBig Watch
I just wanted to see BIG NUMBERS in my watch face so I would not have to squint to tell the time.

Both 12- and 24-hour formats are supported, and battery time is optimized since the screen is only updated once every minute.

This watchface is for Pebble OS 2 only. Customizable settings include background color, vibrations, connection, battery indicator.

Big Watch 

Latest Version: 5.7

Version History:

2.0.0 updated for Pebble SDK 2.0
2.0.1 timer handle fix for RC1
2.0.2 optimized for less processing
2.0.3 Android custom settings support
2.0.4 fixed bluetooth display bug
3.0 persistent memory improvement
3.1 disconnect vibration fix
3.2 another vibration option added
3.3 new date format
4.0 color
4.1 widened color numbers for visibility
4.2 bug fix for numbers
4.3 design tweak
4.4 new alert for disconnect
4.5 battery percentage option
4.6 Pebble Round support
4.7 battery percentage only option
4.8 Firmware 3.8.X support
4.9 Updated watchfaces menu icons
5.0 Fixed inversion issue with Pebble OG
5.1 Updated battery percentage location on round
5.2 tweaks to connection icon
5.3 changed battery percentage color to date color
5.4 quick look support for firmware 4.0
5.5 patch for new Pebble Time Android
5.6 Firmware 4.0 icon
5.7 Quiet mode support; PT2 support