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Wrist PilotWrist Pilot
Displays METAR or TAF weather reports for selected stations. This Pebble app is designed for small craft pilots who want updated reports at their fingertips (or wrist).

There are menu settings for changing the text size and refresh interval. Use the up and down Pebble buttons for scrolling, and shake to refresh the weather immediately.

Wrist Pilot 

Latest Version: 3.4

Version History:

2.0.0 Updated for firmware March 7, 2014
2.0.1 Revised display format
2.1 Persistent memory storage feature
2.2 New vibration option
2.3 Updated for firmware 2.7; revised refresh
2.4 Added color
2.5 Optimized for memory issues
2.6 Reformatted multiple decoded METARs
2.7 Reversed TAF & METAR
2.8 Pebble Time Round support
2.9 Reduced memory footprint
3.0 Firmware 3.8.2 support
3.1 Pebble 2 support
3.2 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
3.3 Last update time fix
3.4 Firmware 4.0 icons