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Night SkyNight Sky
View the stars, constellations, and planets of the night sky.

The up and down buttons change the field of view. Click the middle button for custom settings, selecting planets, or choosing a constellation.

The orientation can be set by compass, tilting the Pebble, or can be locked to a specific heading.

Memory is tight, so only 1,000 stars are in black and white and 4,000 stars for the Pebble Time.

Voice dictation is supported for Pebble Time watches. To use this feature, select "Voice" from the menu, and clearly state the name of a planet or constellation. Some sample terms to try are "Moon" and "Aquarius".

Night Sky 

Latest Version: 2.2

Version History:

0.0 Created November 7, 2014
0.1 Added planets, sun, moon
0.2 Revised settings order & values
0.3 Optimized to achieve 1250 stars
1.0 Production release
2.0 Color support; more stars for Pebble Time
2.1 Pebble Round support
2.2 Voice Dictation added