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Fair CircadianFair Circadian
The watchface displays the day and night portions of your day depending on sunrise and sunset. Local temperature and a weather icon are displayed in the corners.

Flick your wrist or tap to see the moon phase.

Customizable for temperature units, screen background, battery indicator, etc.

Fair Circadian 

Latest Version: 4.8

Version History:

1.0.0 Created January 8, 2014
1.0.1 Timer fix for SDK 2.0 beta7
1.0.2 Refresh modification
1.0.3 Reduced moon display time; icon fix
1.0.4 honor system setting for backlight
1.1.0 custom setting to disable moon
2.0 color support
2.1 timezone fix
2.2 NOAA support
2.3 moon rise and set times
2.4 fixed initial temperature issue
2.5 recompiled to fix firmware 3.4 issue
2.6 updated for new NOAA station format
2.7 updated for OpenWeatherMap API update
2.8 negative temperature fix
2.9 anti-aliasing for better graphics
3.0 Pebble Time Round support
3.1 recompiled for firmware/SDK 3.7
3.2 firmware 3.8.2 support
3.3 shift sunrise/sunset times if disconnected
3.4 Yahoo sunset fix
3.5 persistent storage fix
3.6 International language support
3.7 Yahoo Weather fix
3.8 Patch for Yahoo sunrise/sunset glitch
3.9 Custom background colors
4.0 Quick look, Pebble 2 support
4.1 Color fix
4.2 NOAA weather fix
4.3 Patch for new Pebble Time Android
4.4 Sped up initial load
4.5 Rebuilt for firmware 4.0.1
4.6 Forecast.io now Dark Sky
4.7 Last update time fix
4.8 Firmware 4.0 icons