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Support for SETPEBBLE.COM Firmware 1.14.1

Using httPebble (for Firmware 1.14.1)

Most of the support issues involve httPebble. All our enabled Pebble apps require this tool which is available on both Apple iTunes and Google Play. It should be downloaded, installed, and run concurrently with the Pebble app from the Pebble company.

If you are an Android user, note that the Pebbler app is flawed and does not correctly support full httPebble functionality. If you experience buffer overflow issues then switch to the official httPebble version and all will work.

There is not much we can do about timeouts or disconnects between your Pebble watch and httPebble. Occassionally the httPebble app stopps communicating with the Pebble, and this seems to happen more often on iOS devices. For those interested, here are the technical details about httPebble.

Predator Time

Custom Settings (For Firmware 1.14.1)

The httPebble protocol for iOS strips the final 12th character of the serial number, and the Android version only sends the Bluetooth address. Furthermore some Android devices strip out both serial number and Bluetooth address.

We do the best we can in figuring out a unique identifier for your watch regardless of these obstacles. If you do have trouble with your serial number settings, the solution is to sign up for a SETPEBBLE.COM account and register both your serial number and Bluetooth address.

Your serial number is found on the back of your Pebble watch. Both the serial number and the Bluetooth address can be found in the About section of your Settings menu on your Pebble watch.

Our watchface apps have specialized code that read directly from system memory to help us identify your custom settings.

Patience Please

If you cannot find a solution on this page or other online resources (such as or, you can contact us with your support request.

Support priority is given to SETPEBBLE.COM subscribers, and your patience is appreciated.