Enabled Apps

The following Pebble apps have customized settings stored through SETPEBBLE.COM.

These apps are NOT compatible with Pebble Firmware 2.0 and later.

Big Timer Classic
This timer features BIG numbers, settable start times, vibration alerts, and other custom settings.

This app was originally developed for Chris Conley, a grade school teacher, who uses this countdown timer for reading studies and student contests.

Big Watch Classic
I just wanted to see BIG NUMBERS in my watch face so I would not have to squint to tell the time.

Both 12- and 24-hour formats are supported, and battery time is optimized since the screen is only updated once every minute.

CloudTime (Worldtime)
NOTE: You need httPebble for this to work! We also do not support DST at this stage. Please adjust the offset on your own!

A Simple Timezone application based of inspiration from and You can set your own City labels (3 characters only!) and UTC offsets (from 12 to -12). The app will calculate everything else for you. The timezones defaults to UTC/SGP/SFO if something goes wrong trying to communicate with the http server.

(Please set it up correctly as i do no error checking.)

When the watch face starts, it will fetch the UTC offset based on httPebble of your phone. After which it will retrieve your settings from and display the timezones that you have setup. (give it about 30 seconds)

To make the watch face try fetch the settings again, just restart the watchface.

Digital Watch Classic
This watch is an homage to the LED/LCD digital watches of 40 years ago. Numbers and sometimes characters were displayed based on a set series of bars.

The colons between the hours and minutes blink every second (just like in the old watches!). And the numbers are especially big so they can be seen at a glance.

There is a custom setting for inverting the screen to black-on-white.

Fair Forecast Classic
I had been wanting to do this watchface for a while, and finally spent the effort to compress weather forecast information down for the Pebble. Some of the icons are recycled from the Fair Weather Watch, and the settings are customizable.

The current weather conditions are displayed at the top: wind speed and direction; humidity represented by a shaded water droplet; cloud icon shaded by estimated cloud coverage; current temperature. Below is the forecast for the next five days, including the current day. For each day there is a weather icon, the high temperature, and the low temperature. The status bar in between indicates the last update time and the city of the forecasted data.

If the forecast data seems wrong, please check with first to see if the problem is the watchface or the original forecast data is incorrect.

The httPebble app is required, available through the App Store and Google Play. This app is so that the Pebble watch can communicate to the Internet.

Thanks, everyone, for all the testing feedback!

Fair Weather Watch
This is a full weather station at your fingertips (or at least your wrist). The GPS from your smart phone finds the closest monitoring station from and displays weather information. The weather data is processed and compressed because of limitations in the number of characters that can be sent.

Information includes sunrise, sunset, moon phase, air pressure, humidity, cloud coverage, wind speed & direction, temperature, and a short text summary and icon of the current conditions.

Oh, yeah, and this app also tells time. The smart phone app named httPebble is required, available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

For those of you outside the USA or who want an inverted (black-on-white) display, you can change your settings at There are options for choosing the temperature scale (fahrenheit or celsius), air pressure and wind speed units, seconds or minutes updates, and screen inversion.

Flickery Classic
Display your Flickr photos on your Pebble. If you have a Flickr account, enter your Flickr screen name on your custom settings page, and all publicly-available images will be shuffled every few minutes onto your Pebble watch.

If you don't have a Flickr account, you will want one so you can put your favorite photos onto your Pebble. You can see test pictures if you enter "SetPebble" as the Flickr user on the custom settings screen.

The httPebble or Pebble Connect app is required, and your smart phone will get a workout if set your your apps to update every minute. Frequent image updates will wear down your battery faster, but just throttle back the update interval to an hour and you can go days before recharging.

And I hope I am doing the right thing releasing this app, since I am unsure if my server can handle all the processing required if this app gets popular. All I know is that I enjoy seeing my family pictures on my wrist - perhaps you will also.

Gorges Weather
This is a variant of the Fair Weather watch, and has a different display for wind, moon phase, and omits less-used metrics such as cloud cover. It tries to address the main drawback of small fonts used on the Fair Weather watch.

As with Fair Weather, httPebble is required, and there are customizations for units and display.

Local Scape
Local Scape is a watchface that displays images from where you are.

Your location is retrieved from your smart phone GPS. This location is then used to pull random images near your location from public Flickr galleries. These images are displayed on your Pebble at periodic intervals.

Customizable settings include the interval time, date format, vibration alerts, and whether you wish to see images appear progressively. The shortest refresh interval will use your watch battery more.

Sometimes the images are hard to understand due to the small black-and-white Pebble display - so consider it a challenge if you can identify where the photo was taken!

The White House image was one of the first images that appeared after I developed this app (guess what city I was visiting!).

This app is experimental, and I don't know how scalable it is because of the server image-processing load. It also has heavy reliance on httPebble, which experiences timeouts and disconnects. At this time it is only being "soft-launched" at; I will post it to and MyPebbleFaces unless my server cannot handle the load.

Thanks for Greg Dolecki for the app name.

onePlus (WorldTime)
Note: httPebble is required!

This is a updated world time watch face that supports many time zones including zones that are in 0.5 hours or 0.75 hours difference.

- More focus has been placed on the local time making it easier to see. More emphasis has been placed on the hour difference of the city as the minutes generally follows the local time.
- An indicator at the bottom of the city reflects the previous or next day difference between the city and the local time.
- The watch face would automatically switch between white and black backgrounds to indicate the day/night status of the city.

Just setup the required timezones in setPebble and switch to the watch face. Give it about 15 seconds for the watch face to set itself up. If there are problems, ensure that your httPebble bridge is connected.

Predator Time Classic
The symbols of the Predator species have been decoded and programmed into this watchface. This amusing watchface will certainly draw attention, and perhaps the only feature missing is the alien laughter as the countdown approaches zero..

Like the Predator invisibility cloaking device, the animations and frequent symbol changes draw down battery life.

Simplicity for SetPebble
This is the "Simplicity" watch by Pebble but enabled so that the screen can be inverted.

Simplicity International
This is the Simplicity watch by Pebble, but extended for other languages.

Current languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish

If you would like your languages supported, please send me the month names. And if you can, send the day names also so I can extend other watches for different languages.

Wrist Pilot Classic
Displays METAR or TAF weather reports for selected stations. Use to specify up to four stations to get periodic updates. This Pebble app is designed for small craft pilots who want updated reports at their fingertips (or wrist).

There are menu settings for changing the text size and refreshing the app immediately. The up and down Pebble buttons are used to scroll through the weather information.

This app requires httPebble (iOS) or Pebble Connect (Android). Some other apps claim support of httPebble protocol, but Pebbler produces "buffer overrun" messages.