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Pal FitPal Fit
Fitness app specifically designed for the Pal Strap.

Bottom button to start/stop. Top button to switch screens, or a long top button press to reset the time and distance. Press the middle button for the settings menu.

If you are using the Pal Strap for GPS, the distance icon will either be red or green depending on whether the GPS signal is locked. You should first get the Pal Strap working with the Hey Pal app before using this app.

Calculating distance is based on the haversine formula, and it is admittedly an approximation based on a homegrown algorithm. Your mileage will (literally) vary!

Pal Fit 

Latest Version: 0.4

Version History:

0.1 created April 21, 2017
0.2 GPS fix; mapping algorithm improved
0.3 another GPS fix
0.4 persistent storage fix