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Focus displays images from your photo library or from online sources.

Open the Pebble Settings to choose your images. iOS users can choose to take an image from the camera or photo library. Both iOS and Android users can enter the URL of an image.

Once an image is selected, you can adjust the image by dragging it or using the sliders to change the scale, brightness, and contrast.

Custom settings include location of time, colors, date format, battery, connection, and vibration alerts.


Latest Version: 1.7

Version History:

0.0 created 9/22/2015
0.1 design revisions
0.2 Pebble Time Round support
0.3 placeholder text
0.4 app icons
0.5 store layout with image
0.6 support for cartoon images
0.7 separated images between rect & round; memory optimization
0.8 quick look and Pebble 2 support
0.9 Pebble OG javascript fix
1.0 Another javascript fix
1.1 Error message fix
1.2 Sped up launch
1.3 Fix for Pebble Time Android change
1.4 Recompiled for latest firmware
1.5 Firmware 4.0 icons
1.6 Fixed problem with stored photos
1.7 Quiet mode support; fixed date format problem